Interested in being in the show?

 "Crowd Extras" Cast still needed as well as help behind the scenes crews.


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Please Check All That Apply:

Cast  (Speaking & non-speaking extras)                                                                                       

Dancer  (Dancing cast members)

Choir  (Singing cast members)

Hair  (Styling cast's hair & wigs) 

Make up (General & special effects)

Wardrobe  (Organizing & distributing costumes to cast) 

Seamstress  (Sewing costumes) 

Stage Crew  (Setting up props & sets on stage)

Props Crew  (Organizing & distributing props to cast)  

Audio Crew  (Sound & microphones) 

Lighting Crew  (Stage lighting & follow spot) 

Video Crew  (Video taping the shows) 

Special Effects Crew (Ages 16+)  (Fog, pyrotechnics, etc) 

Aerial Crew  (Flying the cast) 

Cast Management  (Managing & cuing cast) 

Administration  (Office & phone work) 

Childcare  (For rehearsals & shows) 

Concessions  (Selling food at the shows) 

Construction  (Building and maintenance of sets & props) 

Painter  (Painting sets, props; artistic painting) 

Catering  (Preparing & serving food to the cast & crew) 

P/R  (Ticket & Poster distribution; group sales; media; public relations) 

Fundraising  (Raising funds for the production; contacting local businesses)  

Usher  (Ushering, greeting, & security during shows)  

Clean up  (After each show and after show closes)

Set Up  (Setting up the show & facilities) 

Load Crew  (Load & unload semi trailers)  

Decorating  (Decorating the set & facilities)